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Cosz Cosmetics

 UK based private label manufacturer

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Our Products & Services

How to order

  • Provide a sample or image of the product you would like to be made (give us details of quality, type of material etc.)

  •  Provide the product design 

  • Pay a deposit of £300 for us to make the sample (fully refunded after your order is placed).

  • Makes samples for you to confirm.

  • Pay deposit before our factory makes the goods for you.

  • We will notify you when the goods are ready for shipping.

  • We will ship the goods to your door once we have received full payment.

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Face makeup products can be made in our UK or China factory . MOQ: 6,000-12,000 pcs per product design,  
Small quantity options available.



6,000-12,000 pcs per product design.
Small quantity options available



6,000-12,000 pcs per product design.
Small quantity options available

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5,000 pcs per product design.

 Small quantity options available

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Nail Polish

Nail polish is make in our China factory , MOQ from 1000 pcs per colour

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MOQ from 200 pcs for a style


Makeup Brush

MOQ: 200 pcs per product


Skin care

MOQ: 3000 pcs Small quantity options available

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False Nails

False nails is made in our factory in China. MOQ from 200 pcs per colour

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Makeup Tool

​Makeup tool is make in our China factory with EU stand. MOQ from 50 pcs 

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Hair Brush

Hair brush is made in out factory in China.
MOQ: 3000 pcs

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About Us

To give you an overview of our company.

Thank you for expressing your interest in considering business with us.

we are a Cosmetics,Perfumes & Skin care exclusive private label OEM/OBM manufacturer.  Our factories  made products for some of the top brands in the UK and Worldwide. We have a specialised team with hard working staff and creative designers offering high-quality products at affordable prices.

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Unit 20 Rear Pearson Industrial Estate, DH5 0BG


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